Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Worst Ways To Be Woken

Yes as a teenager you NEED SLEEP. More than little kids need to scream , or an adult needs to complain about traffic.
And yes food, water, shelter, mobile phones are all important, but for a teen if you don't get at least 13 hours sleep at night (or day) we get very, VERY irritable.
Through my life so far, I have found some of the most irritating ways to be woken, and put them together in a neat list for you all to look out for. So enjoy!

1) Parents

Why on earth do parents think we will get up, after saying the night beore that we were going to clean the house from top to bottom, and then yell at us if we don't get up. WHERE IS THE FAIRNESS!!

2) The Hoover/Vacuum Cleaner

Yes one of the many irritating things to be woken up by. Imagine your having an awesome dream about cookies...or somthing, and are quite happy under your warm fortress of duvet, snoozing, and all of a suden you hear this.
It is possibly one of one of the worst inventions made (well not for cleaners obviously, I meant teens and.... I'm over explaining this, BACK TO THE LIST)

3) Bucket of Ice water

That is all I can say to this matter.

4) Windows

For what good reason do windows need to be open at 10am.

5) The Sun

Why is the sun so bright? It's bad enough we are being woken up, we don't need to be blinded too.

6) 3), 4) and 5) combined

Too scary to even think about.

7) Chirpy Radio Presenters

The only way they can be THAT happy at 9am is by having at least 4 cups of coffee.


All talk of sleep is making me tired,

Back to bed I go,


The Truthful one


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