Sunday, 29 May 2011

Random fact

When a snake is born with two heads they fight each other for food


Avast ye land lubbers, it is aye the truthful one back yet again with…*cough, cough*, maybe I should stop talking like this *splutter*.
Anyway, I’m back with some more random news.
Well, I guess you’re all wondering why on earth I’m talking like a pirate, (and no it’s not a new level of insanity) It is because today I went with my friend to see…what for it…
Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides.
So as your all probably reading this thinking that it is all normal, well, you should know by now.
At least anything that appears on here.
So, as I was happily watching the film, seeing Johnny Depp attack someone with his sword, my friends next to me started passing something along the aisle towards me, along with some muttering, the object finally reached me.
It was my best friends phone.
Well it was obviously turned off, and as there were at least 6 people between us I didn’t want to interrupt the film with me returning a phone, so I put it in my pocket until the end of the film. Their was only one problem
As the credits came up and people started leaving the venue, my best friend started questioning us to see which one of us had the phone, but seeing as I forgot I had the phone, and only remembered I was the last one with it, I told him I had dropped it.
As you can probably expect he went loony (and I mean more loony than he already is) and started franticly looking under rows of chairs desperate to find his phone. A couple of minutes later I realised that I had put the phone in my pocket, and thought about telling him that I had it so I was about to tell him when he came over and,
Sat on me!
Yes your eyes have not deceived I did put down that he sat on me, and it wasn’t in the “oh I’m sorry, too dark to see quickly get up” sort of way. He just came over sat on me, flattening me against the chair, and said:
“If you don’t give me the phone I’ll just stay sitting here.”
Which is when I realised he was sitting on my hand that had his phone in.
Well I pointed this out to him but he didn’t believe me, so using my arm that was free I shaved him quite hard so that he would get off. It worked and he got his phone back, so everything was looking up for him. But for me this cinema trip has ended up with me:

Going to go watch a film
Me being given my friends phone and forgetting I had it
Being sat upon
And being covered in cola

Yes the last one is true. As I realised when my friend got off me that he had sat on my half full cola drink and it exploded all over my jacket.
So the moral of this story:
Don’t take your friends phone and forget you have it.

Well I’d better go wash/burn my jacket
The Truthful One
Over and out

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Random Fact.

Okay every so often i will put up a random fact so that you, people of earth and beyond can show of to your chums.

Todays random fact:

Ten human body parts are 3 letters long: Arm, Leg, Rib, Eye, Hip Jaw Toe, Ear, Lip, Gum

So have a think about that for a while until I inspire you all with another random fact.

Until next time.

The Truthful One

Bugs. Need To. DIE.

That's it

Bugs. Need.To.Die!!!

Don't get me wrong I’m at one with the earth, all for stopping global warming, global dimming, saving the rain forest, etc.

and to all you bug lovers out there, I’m sorry but they are EVIL and they need to DIE.
I mean okay they help pollinate and with out them we would probably die but why would a bug need to go into my SCHOOL BAG.


For one thing there are no flowers in my bag therefore no pollen
And second my friends are freaked out by bugs WAY more so it would have made sense to bug them instead (Hehehe, Sorry for the cheesy bug pun it was just to tempting XD)
So anyway there I am reaching to get my pen out of my bag when all of a sudden this fly comes out and lands on my desk, and I could have sworn it was staring at me.
So I did the obvious thing (well in my mind it was obvious thing) and stared back.
Must not blink
Twitch, twitch

Anyway after having a staring contest with the bug I could tell it was about to fly away, when my friend, who was sitting next to me realized there was a bug on the desk and FREAKED OUT. Like, massive, over the top, insane freak out.

The next thing I know he is franticly hitting the bug yelling
Now anyone who was on looking this, I would just like to say "I apologize on his behalf, he was not aiming it towards you, it was the bug."
Anyway he has, in the kindest way possible, got lousy aim, and yet managed to hit the bug.


Just as I was about to start feeling sorry for the bug, the strangest thing happened,
The bug came back to life!!
And from the look on my friends face he was extremely shocked (probably from the fact he actually managed to hit the bug).

But even with this in mind

The Truthful One
Over and out

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Why would someone invent homework???

What is the point in homework!!!
Everyone has probably said that at least once in there lives (or daily in some peoples cases)
I bet that they didn't have homework in the old days.
No they just spent there time INVENTING homework.
I wonder if that is what Shakespeare thought as he was writing his plays
"Though doesn't do enoughith workith I will write thou plays to givith them more work...ith" or something like that.
I mean I have grinded my brain to the bone/muscle/whatever and all I have done is made an amusing figure out of blue tack.
Amusing, Scary, or just plain insane, you decide! -->

Well I suppose is should get back to work

Bye for now

The Truthful One


Curse the Poi??!!

Okay, all this started when I was at a music festival. I was having an awesome time when I saw a stall that sold spinning poi (not spinning koi as my friend mistook it for, coz that would be stupid) if you haven't heard of spinning poi they are like tennis balls with ribbon and string attached to them, (see a lot less stupid than koi.)
Anyway, I saw them at this stall and, because I am me, decided to buy them.
BIG mistake.
As it was the last day of the festival I decided to see if I was any good with them, but just as I was taking them out of the bag my mum told me to keep them in the bag they came in so they didn't get lost.
So, as I did what I was told, I just started swing the bag around, it was going pretty well (as well as swinging a bag around goes) until I misjudged where I was swinging it and whacked myself in the face with it.
Well, the journey home seemed uneventful after that, apart from the fact that that my nose was swelling like a hot air balloon.
The doctor’s appointment was by far the worst thing I have ever done in my life so far.
As I walked in to the roomed to see the doctor I sat down and he asked me what I had done, and the only thing I could say was:

"I hit myself in the face with the spinning poi but at least I kept them in the bag so they didn't get lost."


I knew from the look on the doctor’s face that he was trying so hard not to laugh, and I suppose that looking back at it was pretty funny.

And they have stayed in the back of my draw ever since


Well until next time

The Truthful one

Over and out

This is Why We Don't Hug!

Okay, I’m undeniably scarred for life.

The reason, well the one thing you should know about me and my friends, we do NOT under any circumstances HUG people.

Yes I know that makes us sound really mean but would you go up to some random person in the street and hugging them? (by the way if you have just answered yes to this question you are BEYOND insanesville, and this is coming from the girl who randomly started singing xmas carols, in the middle of a busy town centre, in summer.)

So anyway, we had just come out of are final lesson of the day and were heading back home when all of a sudden my (guy) friend started hugging me.

Most of you are probably thinking “Awww that’s so sweet” or “why would that scar you for life” well let me finish and you will find out (Geesh).

Your right that would have been normal, but he was trying to walk at the same time.
So as we were walking down the street, me doing a brilliant plank of wood impersonation, when he tripped over one of his shoe laces, falling right on top of me!

Everyone around us was laughing, pointing, and taking pictures, of us the human dominos.

But oh well, every cloud has a silver lining, I bet he won’t randomly hug me again XD.

Well until next time

The Truthful one

Over and out