Monday, 15 August 2011

Strangly Understandable...

Oakyy Poplee Dno’t be Arlamed I Hevan’t Cpolmeetly Lsot It,
I am Jsut Tyrnig Smeohting Out. Aoccdrnig to rscheerch it deson’t mtaterwaht odrer the lttrees
in a wrod are so lnog as the frsit and lsat lttrees are in the rgiht palce. Eevryhting
esle can be a cmopltee mses and you can siltl udnresatnd. How cool is taht, the
pwoer of the hmuan mnid! Pehmonamal!

Well, typing like that is quite hard, so


The Tutrhufl one


Thursday, 11 August 2011

FanFiction Rules

Hi People and Llamas it is me again back with another blog post about something completley random. So today I have chosen to write about FanFiction....
What is fanfiction you may ask. Well it is basiclly somewhere where people can write how there own version of a TV programme, Plays, Books, etc. And thanks to my friends, I am now totally ADDICTED!Not in the normal sort of addiction where you will wait until the next day for the chapter to be put up...oh no I stayed up until quarter past one ( in the morning) to finish a fanfiction.
So just to inlighten all of you, I have put together all of my favorites that I've read so far.
Note: I know alot/all of them are about glee but don't despare. I will soon put up some of my fave FanFiction from other shows, books,etc.
Kiss - Possibly my favorite fanfiction so far, even though the title sounds slightly soppy the storys are brilliant. This wacky story is based on Glee and how many different ways that Klaine (Kurt and Blaine) can kiss, which is very funny when the warblers are around!
Random Rating: 7/10
Awesomeness Rating: 10/10
Eyebrow issues - Okay... this one is completely insane. It is based on the fact Blaine's (Darren Criss) eyebrows are too triangular. A very amusing read!
Random Rating:10/10
Awesomeness Rating: 8/10
Okay there should be more up soon so keep an eye out, well actually keep it in your head but...argh anyway there will be more up soon, and if you have written one, leave me a comment with the link to it and i will give it a review.
Text Speak
The Truthful One

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Talyor Returns!!!

I new it was to good to be true. I mean a month or so has gone past and there has been no sign of Taylor...Until now. Please note: if you haven't been reading my early posts, go back and read them, otherwise this post will seem to make no sense, like math, so just go back and read them. Anyway, I was sitting in my room reading the 7th Harry Potter book (Yay!) when I hear the oh-so familiar sound of a pigon banging its head against the window. I turn round to see Taylor, sitting there at my window, and even though taylor is quick I was quicker. I grabed my camrea and took a photo of him.
So here is Taylor below:
Yes the demon in all its glory... and rain.
I know this isn't the best photo in the world, But like I said he is quick.
And to any pigion fans out there, I hold nothing against pigions, blackbirds or any species of bird, I actully quite like them, but as you can probably tell, dis bird is CRAZY!
Taylor it's your turn in the lime light, your an internet star. (A crazy internet star but a star all the same!)
Suppose I should finish the book!
The Truthful One
Over and Out

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Strange....Just Strange

Okay peeps, sorry I haven't posted in a while, its not because didn't what to, life has just been vair busy, (see I even managed to fit a bit of french in there) any way enough about that.

Today me and my friend who shall be called Petunia made a video of a cat, with a camerea (Duh) alot of random clicking of buttons and a group of people talking. we were in a crowded room so who knows who they were, but I hope you guys/gals/fish can take a minute to check out this video, and if you want to leave comments here (on da blog) or on youtube.

Here's the link:

Well, will be back soon
The Truthful One,

Thursday, 23 June 2011


Okay, this started off as every other day:

9:00am Woke up at the crack of dawn.
9:01am Fell back to sleep.
9:34am Got woken up by my sister.
9:36am Glared at her untill she went away.
9:39am Fell back to sleep.
10:30am Actually got up
10:40am Got dressed.
10:42am Pulled curtians.
10:43am Got blinded by the sun.
10:49am Recovered sight.
10:54am Turned on computer.
10:55am Computer didn't want to turn on.
10:56am Tryed to turn computer on again.
10:57am Still no response.
10:58am Glared at computer.
10:59am Blank screen glared back.
11:00am Had a glaring contest with computer.
11:02am Computer won.
11:05am Remembered that the battery was dead.
11:06am Plugged in the charger.
11:08am Forgot password.
11:11am Rembered password.
11:14am Checked for new comments.
11:19am Still no new comments.
11:21am Watched Glee.
12:17am Had a sandwich.
12:25am Finished sandwich.

Anyway. it was a sort of normal day (Weather: Cold, Light Rain, typical british weather) and a group of my amigios, sorry I went all spanish then, were heading over to our friends farm. now there farm is brilliant. Yet even with the weather being misreble we spent most of the time in the swimming pool, which as you could probably guess, it was FREEZING! and after we were dried off, we went to go look around the farm.
As usual, there were sheep, that disliked my friend and ran pretty fast across the field, cows, that really didn't like my friend but had a different approch to freaking him out, just to stare at him. Chickens, nothing exciting here, a golf cart (will be explained later) and trees. Well there were obviously going to be trees as they owned a lot of woodland which we went to explore. Anyway, I should probably mention my friend, I shall name Steve for no apparent reason. Well Steve had somehow got stuck on a wooden tower (what it was doing in the middle of the field, I have no idea) and like the good friends we were our natural teenage instinct was to do the following:

Watch him struggle
Wait for him to begin to get free
Yell "RUN"
and Run

But as the GOOD person I am (Yeah to any of my friends reading this, I put good in CAPITALS) I stayed behind, and no it wasn't because I was too lazy to run, and helped Steve get free. After Steve had finally got free the others were long gone, which was fine as the woods were easy to find your way round. As we headed in the direction that my friends had gone we past an abandoned barn. It had a giant hole in the side and was pitch black, we were going to wander past until Steve said they might be hiding in the barn. As we approched the barn I joked that there were bats in there, We Laughed and he said there might be a murder in there, which made us laugh slightly histericly. anyway when we reached the hole we looked to see if anyone was in there, it looked like there was no one there but just to make sure, as it was pitch black, Steve yelled hello into the barn. It made a slight echo but no one was in there, so we turned to go. As we turned I could have sworn I heard a creak from in the barn but I ignored it, then there was a loud smash. Well Steve definetly heard that and we started running madly away from the barn. Now remember the disscution we had just moments early, about the murder, well if anyone else reacted differently I am truly shocked. We made it at least a mile away from the barn and had somehow ended up in a car park. Knowing we had made a wrong turn we headed back towards our friends house. We wernt far from there house when we heard some very loud laughing. Our friends had spotted us and were coming towards us laughing there heads off. Well it all made sense.
They had hid in a corner of the barn and thrown a barrel across the floor to freak us out!
Well before I could yell at them we got distracted by something in the distance.
Coming towards us was a White golf cart with our friends mum on.
She drove to us and we all got on.
As she was driving along somthing extremely funny happened.
Firstly, Steve fell of the golf cart (don't worry he's fine)
Secondly, Our friends pet dog, that had a cone round her neck, was racing alongside the golf cart.
Thirdly Steve managed to get back on the golf cart just as we arrived at the house.

Ahh well Steve,
At least you got some exersize,

Well got MORE revision to do for exams,
See you later,
The Truthful one

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Worst Ways To Be Woken

Yes as a teenager you NEED SLEEP. More than little kids need to scream , or an adult needs to complain about traffic.
And yes food, water, shelter, mobile phones are all important, but for a teen if you don't get at least 13 hours sleep at night (or day) we get very, VERY irritable.
Through my life so far, I have found some of the most irritating ways to be woken, and put them together in a neat list for you all to look out for. So enjoy!

1) Parents

Why on earth do parents think we will get up, after saying the night beore that we were going to clean the house from top to bottom, and then yell at us if we don't get up. WHERE IS THE FAIRNESS!!

2) The Hoover/Vacuum Cleaner

Yes one of the many irritating things to be woken up by. Imagine your having an awesome dream about cookies...or somthing, and are quite happy under your warm fortress of duvet, snoozing, and all of a suden you hear this.
It is possibly one of one of the worst inventions made (well not for cleaners obviously, I meant teens and.... I'm over explaining this, BACK TO THE LIST)

3) Bucket of Ice water

That is all I can say to this matter.

4) Windows

For what good reason do windows need to be open at 10am.

5) The Sun

Why is the sun so bright? It's bad enough we are being woken up, we don't need to be blinded too.

6) 3), 4) and 5) combined

Too scary to even think about.

7) Chirpy Radio Presenters

The only way they can be THAT happy at 9am is by having at least 4 cups of coffee.


All talk of sleep is making me tired,

Back to bed I go,


The Truthful one


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Random fact

Okay, people, CALM DOWN.
I will have another blog post up soon, but I have been trying to fit my blogging around exam revision and... it's to long and rambly to go into.
Anyway, here is another random fact!

The human heart creats enough pressure to squirt blood 30 feet (9m).

Both disturbing and facinating.

Remember People, if you have had anything funny random things happen to you in the past week, or just wanna say hi, let me know by leaving a comment!!

Peace out.
The Truthful one