Thursday, 11 August 2011

FanFiction Rules

Hi People and Llamas it is me again back with another blog post about something completley random. So today I have chosen to write about FanFiction....
What is fanfiction you may ask. Well it is basiclly somewhere where people can write how there own version of a TV programme, Plays, Books, etc. And thanks to my friends, I am now totally ADDICTED!Not in the normal sort of addiction where you will wait until the next day for the chapter to be put up...oh no I stayed up until quarter past one ( in the morning) to finish a fanfiction.
So just to inlighten all of you, I have put together all of my favorites that I've read so far.
Note: I know alot/all of them are about glee but don't despare. I will soon put up some of my fave FanFiction from other shows, books,etc.
Kiss - Possibly my favorite fanfiction so far, even though the title sounds slightly soppy the storys are brilliant. This wacky story is based on Glee and how many different ways that Klaine (Kurt and Blaine) can kiss, which is very funny when the warblers are around!
Random Rating: 7/10
Awesomeness Rating: 10/10
Eyebrow issues - Okay... this one is completely insane. It is based on the fact Blaine's (Darren Criss) eyebrows are too triangular. A very amusing read!
Random Rating:10/10
Awesomeness Rating: 8/10
Okay there should be more up soon so keep an eye out, well actually keep it in your head but...argh anyway there will be more up soon, and if you have written one, leave me a comment with the link to it and i will give it a review.
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